Being from the cashmere capital; Mongolia, we asked ourselves “what is the cashmere piece we keep reaching out to get through our -40C winters?” Scarves, hats and gloves. Plus, when traveling abroad blankets and socks and anything cashmere becomes an ideal gift to others.

So, we created accessories pieces, thoughtfully designed to complement any outfit, with elegance, comfort and at times humor. They are always made out of pure Mongolian cashmere and with proper care, all our products are made to last. 

With cashmere, environmental responsibility is a focus point for us, so we source our cashmere from local herder cooperatives collaborating with the The Wildlife Conservation Society Mongolia (WCS) and manufacture at facilities owned by family businesses who treat their employees ethically.

Our hope is that with the quality and thought we put into our design and making, our cashmere accessory will be the wardrobe staple anyone will wear and share with the rest of their family for generations to come.


The spirit of exploration and wonder is behind every collection and what we wish to share. 


Inspired by nature, science and the cosmos.


Anaash / Aнааш , ᠠᠨᠠᠰᠢ / means giraffe in Mongolian.