The Big Bang, light elements, Hydrogen, Helium + Stars that live, burn and die, complex molecules + Small Stars like our Sun, heavy elements + Large Stars, Supernovae + White dwarfs, Neutron stars

1% White Dwarf , 9.5% Big Bang Fusion , 16.5% Dying Low Mass Stars , 73% Exploding Massive Stars = YOU

Everything is connected.


Balance your thoughts.

Stay kind, curious and wonderful.

Think beautifully.


Why do we strive for perfection? Why do we compare ourselves with others? Why do we seek love and acceptance? With the passing of time, it all slowly clears that at the final gates of judgment you stand alone, in front of yourself and you have the final say, so.

Embrace yourself.


Life evolved from the waters. Scattered lights. Diffused scents. Clicks, whistles and echoes. High and low frequencies. Wave after wave.

Thriving with life. Enabling life on earth.

So much to be explored.

Go deeper


It's a game for two, sometimes three, or four or a dozen and more. But the goal is always clear, and there are rules, rituals, maybe not so many boundaries. So it's not a fair game, but nature plays by its own rules. It's all wild and games.

Grab some popcorn, enjoy the spectacle.