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General Cashmere Care

Wash at max. 30°degrees  Can be gentle washed by hand.

If using washing machine choose the wool programme & wash it inside a laundry mesh bag. Choose gentle spinning and abundant water for rinse. 

Limit the use of detergent. Never use softener.

Always dry your piece flat (if hung gravity will deform it), preferably in the shade or inside. 

Steam your piece if wrinkled. Keep the iron ca. 10 cm above the item when steaming. 

Cashmere pieces can be washed regularly.

Beware of moths, the moth larvae thrive on fibers of animal origin, (e.g. cashmere, wool, mohair, fur etc.) so it is recommended to clean before storing. Other preventative remedies include keeping cedarwood, small bags of lavender and rosemary between the cashmere garments or mothballs in the cupboard. Store cashmere in airtight bag or container.

If moths damaged a piece, it can be fixed at a repair shop.

In case of pilling (wool balls with wear) brush them off using pilling combs.